My Love of the Moon

I braved the bitter cold this morning and went crazy taking pictures of the beautiful moon. I’ve had a thing for the moon ever since I was in high school, perhaps because it was a part of my escape. When I was feeling too depressed, too anxious, too stressed, too suffocated I would go into my backyard at night and look at the moon while swinging on the old swing set from when I was a kid. Or I would giddily dance around, pretending the moon was my partner. Sometimes I’d just lay on the ground and look up at its soft, white glow, so much less harsh than the daylight. It was a time I could peel off all of my masks, step off the stage, stop pretending and just be myself. I wrote a lot of poems about the moon when I was younger. Here are a few of them.

in the black night,
no, not so alone,
the white half moon
stalking me as I walk
like a sly black cat,
slinking around
amidst shadows and silhouettes,
waiting for a chance to

Moon (and me)

standing in a dream
stripped to nothing
no need to hide
only share
the pale yellow orb
cradled in the night’s
smooth and black satin sky

Sky’s Canvas

silver moon
resting like a shadow
in the felt canvas sky,
slowly fading

soft clouds
gently stretched across
the dawning morn
of the felt canvas sky,
slowly fading

6 thoughts on “My Love of the Moon

    • They are my pictures, all from the same morning, just taken at different times. I just have a cheap point-and-shoot nikon that is several years old. But one day I hope to be able to invest in a really good camera and take some photography lessons!


      • Thank you. I’m really not the best photographer in the world, but I do enjoy taking pictures. Mine is a Coolpix L820. Just a point-and-shoot, but it has a pretty good zoom considering!


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